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Itemized Receipts for Travel Reimbursement

Practice Directive - Itemized Receipts for Travel Reimbursement

Itemized Receipts for Travel Reimbursement

Applies To:

All Division of Finance and Administration employees

Effective Date: 

October 6, 2017 Reiteration of current practice


To assure that University funds are maximized for only the most essential business needs.


UC policy G-28 “Travel Regulations” notes that receipts are required for meals over $75. However, UCI policy 715-01-A “Travel & Transportation” states that “Certain UCI travel policies may be more restrictive than the University regulations contained in G-28.” DFA will continue the same more restrictive practice that’s been in place for several years.  Itemized receipts will be required for travel reimbursements, including for all meals.

Supporting Documents and Policies:


Stephanie Tenney; 949.824.3454