Division of Finance and Administration

Advisory Council on Administrative Burden

Zot the Red Tape Initiative

Zot the Red Tape Initiative

The Division of Finance and Administration is dedicated to providing exemplary customer service and streamlining administrative processes so faculty and staff can focus on serving the students and research initiatives.

In June of 2017, an Advisory Council was formed to analyze improvements for administrative processes. This group provides expertise, guidance, and insight that supports UCI’s Strategic Plan and the path to a brilliant future.

The following are recommendations from the council that have been disseminated to respective process owning departments. The planned course of action or response to each recommendation is indicated below.

Note: Submit additional ideas or comments to WithUForU@uci.edu.



Incorporate Facilities Management Billing as part of KFS workflow.

Project Notes:Determined that changes could be more quickly/easily in Tririga. Subgroup to pursue improvements.

Project Owner: Allen Shiroma


Facilities Recharge Report and Facilities Job Status Report enhancements to better meet the needs of campus customers.

Project Owner: Allen Shiroma


Improve flow of information between trades via job and work tasks.

Project Owner: Allen Shiroma


Streamline contract processes:

Create contract templates for popular services.

Project Owner: Alex Tiquia


Streamline turnaround time for low risk services.

Project Owner: Hung Pham


Clarify guidelines for amendments, contract start point, and insurance requirements.

Project Owner: Alex Tiquia and Hung Pham

Target: May 2018

Establish electronic tracking of contracts to allow for transparency.

Project Notes: Wave 1 will provide a tool for contract authoring, tracking, and reporting for new UC and local contracts, as well as historical and new systemwide contracts.

Waves 2 - 5 will migrate all active and historical local and systemwide contracts and provide contract authoring access to additional business units.

Project Owner: Nicole Macaranas

Target Wave 1: Complete

Waves 2-5: December 2018

Streamline PALCard processes.

Project Owner: Jennifer Chey


Explore further delegation of authority to schools.

Project Owner: Snehal Bhatt

Target: May 2018

UCIBuy Search Improvements.

Project Notes: This is a continuous improvement project to improve overall search capabilities in UCIBuy. Project is starting with Office Depot.

Project Owner: Barbara Niemand

Office Depot Search Improvements Completed

UCIBuy Appearance Improvements.

Project Notes: Redesign of the UCIBuy landing page.

Project Owner: Barbara Niemand

Target: May 2018

Streamline alcohol purchase and reimbursement process.

Project Owner: Karen Miller

Target: May 2018

Clarify travel and entertainment (TEM) reimbursement process and create web guides.

Project Owner: Karen Miller

Target: May 2018

Mobile Travel App.

Project Notes: Two mobile apps have been tested, however, have created too much paperwork and steps on the back-end. The search continues for additional apps to test. Please email the project owner with any suggestions.

Project Owner: Karen Miller

Council Sponsor

  • Ron Cortez, Vice Chancellor, Division of Finance and Administration


Council Members

  • Brice Kikuchi, Student Affairs
  • Cassandra Jue Low, Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences
  • Charvalen Alacar, The Chancellor's Office
  • Chuck Villanueva, Paul Merage School of Business
  • Dennis Aldridge, Henry Samueli School of Engineering
  • Edgar Dormitorio, Student Affairs
  • Francine Jeffrey, School of Medicine
  • George Achis, Continuing Education 
  • Greg Reinhard, Social Ecology Administration
  • Heike Rau, Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences
  • Janai Hendra, Physical Sciences
  • Jeff Wojciechowski, Advanced Power & Energy Program
  • Jim Pavelko, Paul Merage School of Business

Council Chairs

  • Rick Coulon, Associate Vice Chancellor, Division of Finance and Administration
  • Stephanie Tenney, Manager of Business Operations, Division of Finance & Administration
  • Shaina Sims, Integrated Communications Manager, Division of Finance & Administration


  • Joan Tenma, Academic Affairs
  • John Bodenschatz, School of Humanities
  • Kate Klimow, Strategic Communications & Public Affairs
  • Kelly Kadlec, Budget Office
  • Kian Colestock, Office of Information Technology
  • Kim Sadler, Henry Samueli School of Engineering
  • Lisa Rehbaum, School of Law
  • Maria Graziano, Physical Sciences
  • Martha Graciano, Budget Office
  • Pamela James, Campus Human Resources
  • Patricia Collette, Henry Samueli School of Engineering
  • Penny Portillo, School of Humanities
  • Thomas Stevenson, Athletics