UCI Administrative & Business Services


Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for welcoming me to the Administrative & Business Services team. I have enjoyed meeting many of you, learning about your needs and listening to what you have to say. We are a large organization, so if we haven't met yet, we will soon.

I am pleased to say our new Administrative & Business Services alignment has been positively received, not only within our own unit, but with the entire campus. As I mentioned in my previous email, it is important that we are structured to support the four aspirational pillars of UCI's Strategic Plan. If you are not familiar with the Strategic Plan, I encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day to read through the information to gain a better understanding of UCI's "Brilliant Future."

I would like to introduce the Administrative & Business Services Strategy Map. This map breaks down our four strategies that lead to satisfied customer service. The foundation being Growth & Learning. Our key objectives during this first year will be "developing a cohesive workforce that is well trained and motivated" and "create and maintain a healthy and safe work environment." One of my immediate goals is to establish an Employee University Program, designed to provide professional education for Administrative & Business Services staff. I realize we need to invest in in-house staff training to ensure our staff are positioned to support the ongoing innovation and focus on our world-class research.

I am so very honored to be working with you and I look to working with you in these upcoming years. Have a good day.


Ronald S. Cortez, JD, MA
Vice Chancellor
Administrative & Business Services

Administrative & Business Services
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