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Dear A&BS Colleagues,

UCI Commencement Ceremonies are only weeks away, as is the close of another fiscal year. This is a busy time for many of you, and please know how appreciative I am of all of your hard work.

I am excited to announce our first, annual Administrative & Business Services staff picnic that will take place on Wednesday, July 12 from 1pm - 2pm. Not only is this a time to get together and get to know each other better, but it is also a time to celebrate and recognize how important our work is to the success of the graduating class.

I would like to create an Administrative & Business Services spotlight program. I believe that it is important for us to recognize our fellow colleagues for all of their hard work. I also believe that it is important for the program to be designed by you. Therefore, if you are interested in participating and designing this program, please email ABSWithUForU@uci.edu by Friday, June 2nd, with your contact information.

Thank you to those of you who updated your email signature to include
With U • For U, and submitted your name for the drawing. Congratulations to Juan Rodriguez, Enforcement Services Manager from Transportation & Distribution Services! We are seeing great success in the use of the signature, and many people around campus are talking. Please join us in using this tagline and be part of our team.

Remember, we are looking for ideas to improve administrative processes and reduce costs. Please submit your ideas to ABSWithUForU@uci.edu to be eligible for a $50 drawing. I do my best to get around the campus to meet with you, and if you have an opportunity to invite me to your functions, please let me know. Most of all, thank you for your hard work.


Ronald S. Cortez, JD, MA
Vice Chancellor
Administrative & Business Services

A&BS With U For U

Administrative & Business Services
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