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Take advantage of UCI's professional and performance development learning opportunities and resources.

UCI HR Training and Development

UCI HR Training Development

UCI offers professional and performance development learning opportunities that empower individuals to enhance their job skills and knowledge, professional networks, and explore future career growth options.

UC Learning Center (UCLC)

UC Learning Center (UCLC)
UCLC is UCI’s online learning portal where all staff access and complete required training as well as elective professional development in-person and eLearning classes. Visit UCLC Help Center for assistance.

UCI Libraries

UCI Libraries
Browse the research guides to find academic resources and publications for assignments and projects. Take advantage of online news resources, including free subscription to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

UCI Division of Continuing Education

UCI Division of Continuing Education

UCI Division of Continuing Education offers over 60 certificates and specialized studies programs and is also a member of the Open Course Ware Consortium (OCW). Use your 50% UCI Staff and Faculty discount on course fees when enrolling.

Udemy for Business

UCI staff now have access to more than 4,000 online courses taught by industry experts. Categories include leadership and management, project management and operations, finance and accounting, IT operations, etc. Learn more and enroll at UCI's Udemy for Business.

UCI on Coursera


Access over 100 UCI classes for free until July 31, 2020. Choose from a variety of topics such as excel for business, data visualization, agile and product management, business leadership, communication, and managing change. Use your UCInetID to join UCI on Coursera.