Division of Finance and Administration

Management of Cell Phones and iPads

Practice Directive - Management of Cell Phones and iPads

Management of Cell Phones and iPads

Applies To:

All Division of Finance and Administration employees

Effective Date: 

November 6, 2017


To assure that University funds are maximized for only the most essential business needs


UC policy BFB-G-46 defines guidelines for the purchases and use of cellular phones and other portable electronic resources. Criteria is established in this policy that defines the conditions under which an employee can receive a University-paid device/service. These employees must sign a usage agreement which confirms the equipment/service type and further defines the usage expectations for the employee.

Supervisors/managers must document the business purpose for employees who have been provided with a University-paid devices via a Justification Form Both forms are retained by the departments’ administrative unit. An annual equipment log must be submitted to the Vice Chancellor’s Office each July.

Supporting Documents and Policies:


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