Division of Finance and Administration

Personnel and Staffing

Practice Directives

Personnel and Staffing Actions

Applies To:

All Finance and Administration units.

Effective Date: 

July 24, 2017


Approval from Vice Chancellor Cortez, via Division of Finance and Administration Human Resources, is required for all recruiting, hiring and salary increases.

This includes:

  • All recruiting and hiring including career, contract, temporary, student employees, and limited appointments
  • All salary increases other than those mandated by union agreement
    • For all actions (reclassification, equity, stipend, out of class, employment agreement increases, promotional employment offer, etc.)


Submit your request for personnel or staffing actions via email to Margie Ikerd-Gyorgy (mgyorgy@uci.edu) by completing one of the following forms:

Supporting Documents and Policies:


Margie Ikerd-Gyogy at mgyorgy@uci.edu