Division of Finance and Administration

Out of State Travel Preapproval

Practice Directive - Out of Satate Travel Preapproval

Out of State Travel Preapproval

Applies To:

All Division of Finance and Administration employees

Effective Date: 

January 28, 2019


All out of state travel for DFA employees must be justified as essential and approved by the Vice Chancellor of DFA or an appointed designate prior to the expenses being committed or incurred.


The employee requesting out of state travel must complete the Travel & Training Development Pre-approval form to begin the preapproval process. It is recommended to complete this process well in advance of the travel date. This will not only ensure enough time to review the document, but helps support the traveler to obtain approval to take advantage of early-bird rates.

Supporting Documents and Policies:

Memo from Vice Chancellor Cortez

UCI Travel Accounting

715-01: Policy on Travel Authorization and Approval


David Ott; 949.824.4280