Division of Finance and Administration

Guidelines for Year-end Meetings and Events

Practice Directives - Year-end Meetings and Events

Year-end Meetings & Events

Applies To:

All Division of Finance and Administration employees.

Effective Date: 


It is important to avoid the appearance of extravagant spending for personal, non-business events. Please continue to act as good stewards of the various funds, regardless of source, that your department controls..


If University funds are used, plan your event to fall within the policy and procedures described in UC Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-79. As a reminder, expenses that exceed the per-person maximum rates and/or certain activities require exceptional approval for payment or reimbursement.

Year-End Activities Requiring Additional Approval:

  • Entertainment of a spouse, date, or non-employee
  • Employee morale building activities
  • Any event that is social in nature (parties, recognition or appreciation events)

A request for reimbursement of exceptional/additional approval expenses must include a written justification describing why the costs were unavoidable and necessary to achieve a University business purpose. This justification must be included with the PayQuest Meetings/Entertainment form.

Supporting Documents and Policies

Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-79


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