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Records Management - Policies and Procedures

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Records Retention Schedule

Records Related to Research

The UC Contract and Grant Manual contains a comprehensive chapter on Records/Paperwork Access and Management. A matrix of retention and disposition requirements for Administrative Records Related to Research has been compiled by the UC Vice Provost for Research. In all instances, contracts associated with extramural funding should be consulted for specific retention and disposition requirements applicable to an individual award.

Roles and Responsibilities

Records Management Coordinator

The Records Management Coordinator provides assistance to departments in the interpretation and application of the University's Records Retention Schedule. Campus review of proposed changes to the Schedule is conducted by the Coordinator who also participates in the systemwide records management committee and makes recommendations for documents unique to UCI.

Records Proprietor

The Records Proprietor has management responsibility for the records associated with an administrative function. Considered the "office of record" for audit and legal purposes, the Proprietor determines which records will be created, gathered and maintained. The Proprietor also serves as the Electronic Information Resource Proprietor for their respective function, but may or may not be in custody of the records. For example, electronic records may be entrusted to the Records Custodians or contracted to a non-university records service provider who must meet all university record requirements.

Records Custodian

The Records Custodian has responsibility for a repository of records. This is the customary role for units who may also act as the Records Proprietor, when designated, for certain electronic records, but not for other general accounting, purchasing or payroll records.

All university administrative records are owned by the Regents of the University of California regardless of their physical location, even when they are in the possession of individuals.

University Archivist

The University Archivist is responsible for the preservation of UC Irvine's administrative records that deal with the decision-making process and essential cultural history of the campus. Access to these records is managed by the University Libraries.

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Electronic Records

Electronic records — data in raw, summary, or interpreted form — should be managed according to Business and Finance Bulletin, IS-3, which outlines requirements for data backup and retention, data privacy, transferring and downloading, encryption, storage, and other matters related to the security of electronic information resources.

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Storing and Shredding Records

Departments may contract with private vendors for records storage services. Purchasing & Risk Services must review and approve vendor storage agreements. Departments may use outside vendors for shredding services. It's recommended that vendor employees be bonded and that shredding be done on site rather than at a remote location. Departments may contact Purchasing for vendor recommendations.

No record may be destroyed while audit, investigation, or legal action is pending. Retaining records beyond their retention period may lead to unwarranted storage and maintenance costs. For guidance regarding when and how to dispose of administrative records upon expiration of a retention period, see UC Business and Finance Bulletin RMP-2.

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Public Records Requests

Information practices aspects of the University Records Management Program are handled by the Public Records Office in the Office of Institutional Research.

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Records Management Coordinator Stephanie Tenney (949) 824-34541 or sktenney@uci.edu

Public Records Office (949) 824-96392 or pra@uci.edu 


University of California   Ownership of Administrative Records

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Section 800-17, UCI Implementation Guidelines for Notification in Instances of Security Breaches Involving Personal Information Data

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