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ABO Mobile

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ABO Mobile is a mobile friendly way for Principal Investigators (PI) to quickly see the financial standing of all of their active awards and projects via their mobile device. It is an abbreviated version of the Award Balance Overview (ABO) Report. 

Note: For more detailed reports, please use the desktop version or contact your Contracts & Grants analyst.

Available Features

  • Look up by PI last name
  • Simple breakdown of budget, expenses, and encumbrance
  • Direct, indirect, and total balance
  • Days left in project


ABO-PI-Select   ABO-Research-Project

Frequently Asked Questions

ABO Mobile allows PIs to view a summary of their active awards and projects. More detailed information can be viewed via the desktop version of the Award Balance Overview (ABO) Report.

ABO Mobile is available to individuals who have a valid UCInetID using the With U • For U mobile app.

ABO Mobile is available in the With U • For U mobile app, under Faculty or Staff Resources depending on the persona you select.

Download for free from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

With U - FOr U In the App StoreWith U - For U in the Google Play Store

Provide Feedback

Please help us improve this mobile application by sending feedback to WithUForU@uci.edu.

We will continue to improve and enhance its features based on your feedback.