Division of Finance and Administration

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Staff Information

Office of the CFO and Vice Chancellor

Ronald Cortez Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chancellor 949.824.0220 rscortez@uci.edu
Mary Clark Chief of Staff 949.824.6787 mary.clark@uci.edu
Stephanie Tenney Director of Operations 949.824.3454 sktenney@uci.edu
Stacey Layton Executive Assistant to the CFO and Vice Chancellor 949.824.5109 srlayton@uci.edu
Patricia Cooper Scheduling Coordinator for the CFO and Vice Chancellor 949.824.9832 pacooper@uci.edu
McKenna Reeves Exec. Asst. to the Chief of Staff & Office Operations Coordinator 949.824.1828 mlreeves@uci.edu
Shaina Sims Senior Manager of Communications and Strategic Initiatives 949.824.3726 simss@uci.edu
Abbey Dimitrova Senior Training and Development Specialist 949.824.0576 adimi@uci.edu
Justine Eisner Web and Graphic Designer 949.824.0911 eisnerj@uci.edu
Grace Crvarich Assistant Vice Chancellor, Process Improvement 949.824.8886 grace.crvarich@uci.edu
Brian Fahnestock Special Assistant to the CFO & Vice Chancellor 949.824.8987 bfahnest@uci.edu
Jean Yin Interim Executive Director of Financial Reporting 949.824.6106 jeany3@uci.edu
Patryk Dubert Principal Finance Analyst 949.824.9235 pdubert@uci.edu
Jessica Soto Home Loan Coordinator and Support Analyst 949.824.6637 jrsoto@uci.edu
Ana Cruz Principal Financial Analyst analc@uci.edu
Monica Chavez Business Project Manager mbchavez@uci.edu
Jerry Garcia DFA Budget Analyst jerryrg@uci.edu
Vacant Director, Budget & Finance
Larry Buttrey Principal Finance Analyst 949.824-4956 larry.buttrey@uci.edu
Michael Walako Senior Finance Analyst 949.824-6044 mwalako@uci.edu
Elizabeth Perez Senior Finance Analyst 949.824-7074 elizap3@uci.edu
Michael To Finance Analyst 949.824-0978 mhto@uci.edu
Nathalie Anaya Accounting & Finance Manager 949.824-2906 nanaya@uci.edu
Tanya Nguyen Sr. Financial Analyst 949.824-2570 t28nguye@uci.edu
Karen Allen Senior Project Accountant 949.824-4115 kdallen1@uci.edu
Carrie Anderson Finance Analyst/Project Accountant 949.824-1748 cjanders@uci.edu
Ma Dolores Del Rosario Senior Financial Analyst 949.824-4863 msdelros@uci.edu
Armi Tompkins Purchasing/ Recharge Coordinator 949.824-2250 aestrada@uci.edu
Pejman Khoshkhoo Director, Information Technology Services 949.824.1598 pkhoshkh@uci.edu
Stephanie-Jean Hinojosa Manager, Information Technology Services 949.824.4586 shinojos@uci.edu
Jenifer Swann Manager of Integrated Systems Development 949.824.6956 jmnorthr@uci.edu
George Nguyen Police Department Information Systems Coordinator 949.824.4953 georgehn@uci.edu

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