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Section 1

The Support Services department of the Division of Finance and Administration works to create greater efficiency and potential cost savings to the division while implementing process improvements and consolidation of resources across the functional areas of Human Resources, Budget and Finance, Business Services, Trademarks and Licensing, and Integrated Systems.

Support Services

David Ott Executive Director, Support Services 949.824.4280 ottd@uci.edu
Corinna Corpuz Administrative Analyst 949.824.7677 cdcorpuz@uci.edu
Brooke Myers Assistant Administrative Analyst 949.824.6516 bmyers1@uci.edu

Budget & Finance

Gary Krekemeyer Director, Budget & Finance 949.824.7318 gkrekeme@uci.edu
Larry Buttrey Principal Finance Analyst 949.824.4956 larry.buttrey@uci.edu
Michael Walako Senior Finance Analyst 949.824.6044 mwalako@uci.edu
Elizabeth Perez Senior Finance Analyst 949.824.7074 elizap3@uci.edu
Michael To Finance Analyst 949.824.0978 mhto@uci.edu

Business Operations

Genevieve Yulo Director, Business Operations 949.824.7675 genevieve.yulo@uci.edu

Human Resources

Margie Ikerd-Gyorgy Director, DFA Human Resources 949.824.9392 mgyorgy@uci.edu
Rebekah Porrino Human Resources Specialist 949.824.9571 rlen@uci.edu
Clara Yoo Human Resources Specialist 949.824.7101 clyoo@uci.edu
Lourdes Torres Human Resources Coordinator 949.824.5147 torreslj@uci.edu
Melissa Proctor Human Resources Analyst 949.824.5168 mprocto1@uci.edu

Integrated Business Systems

Ravinder Rai Associate Director, Integrated Business Systems 949.824.5351 ravinder@uci.edu
Ron Sellars Business Services Assistant Manager 949.824.5929 rsellars@uci.edu
Thomas Porrino Payroll Coordinator 949.824.4494 tporrino@uci.edu
Lena Yu Business Services Analyst 949.824.2126 yulc@uci.edu

Information Technology Services

Pejman Khoshkhoo Director, Information Technology Services 949.824.1598 pkhoshkh@uci.edu
Maria Gorginova Interim Assistant Director, Information Technology Services 949.824.3971 margor@uci.edu
Stephanie-Jean Hinojosa Manager, Information Technology Services 949.824.4586 shinojos@uci.edu
Jenifer Swann Manager of Integrated Systems Development 949.824.6956 jmnorthr@uci.edu
George Nguyen Police Department Information Systems Coordinator 949.824.4953 georgehn@uci.edu

Trademarks & Strategic Contracts

Hung Pham Interim Director, Trademarks & Strategic Contracts 949.824.8964 hung.pham@uci.edu